You are beautiful.

Yes, you.  You, with your tattered heart and broken identity. A heart that’s been wooed and stolen so many times only to be trampled upon and left lifeless.  Through tears, you quickly sweep together and pick up the broken pieces only to force them back together again.   You, with your wild, unkept hair and sundry imperfections.  You, under you’re tear-stained face and smeared make-up.  You, in all your mess.

You are loved.  You are cherished. You are beautiful my friend.  You ache to hear those words. But when they’re spoken, do you believe them?  This modern world is brimming with haunting insecurities. It shouts that you aren’t good enough. It tells you that you are just too much.  It shows you that you aren’t worth it. You aren’t worth a boy’s commitment and faithfulness. Because there’s always a girl that’s prettier, smarter, hotter.  Someone who is willing to compromise.  Someone who will give him what he wants without a fight.

The world tells you that try too hard, love too much, trust too easily.

You feel taken advantage of, broken, and dirty.

But darling, your heart is precious.  It isn’t a doormat. It is a rare and stunning jewel.  A jewel that’s been lost and smudged with dirt. One that’s taken a few beatings and tumbles.  One that’s maybe even been smashed against rocks or thrown away and forgotten. But underneath the stains, it’s ready to sparkle again.

You are radiant.

Sometimes, life is messy. Or if we’re honest, most of the time, it’s messy. We make goals, we set boundaries, we promise ourselves and others that we’ll do better next time.  Even though we mean well, those promises are often empty, bearing no fruit.  We slam the door of our heart right in the face of those we love, trapping ourselves inside with fear, emotion, and lies. We feel lost and completely alone.

There comes a day when we turn from a fresh blossom into a brittle, withering branch that snaps at the slightest pressure.  On those days, we come against ourselves with such a self hatred and violence and do more damage than even others have done before. We shred our own hearts with words and thoughts and actions until we become unrecognizable to ourselves. We’re not even sure who we really are anymore.

Be sweet to yourself. You were not made to be perfect. But you have everything you need to overcome whatever life throws at you. Allow God to pick you up, and try again.

God is not intimidated by your mess.  Don’t keep those places buried and hidden away from Him.  Open them wide before Him and allow Him to turn those messy places into another facet of beauty.

He is the only one that will pick up your precious heart and carefully mend it until it’s completely whole again.  You are strong, brave, bold, and beautiful.

What feelings sweep over you when you stand before a royal mountain landscape frosted with fresh snow or dotted with the bright colors of poppies?  Is your breath swept away from the rolling waves of the glittering ocean or the quiet dances of light rays peeking through lush forest?

Imagine the most beautiful thing in creation you have ever had the privilege to witness.  Were you overwhelmed with it’s beauty? At the beginning of time, God called you His best creation: His masterpiece. When God looks at you, you take His breath away.  You are the most beautiful in His mind.


So my darling girl, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.






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